Mystery Manor Help is a Click Away!

If you play Mystery Manor on Facebook, you’ve probably found yourself scratching your head about some aspect of the game at one time or another. Well, at least that’s what happened to me! So I decided to write down my experiences and document game play as I went through it myself in the hope that others might have a better playing experience!

My notes are geared to PC players of the game rather than iPad players but I imagine some of the information would still be helpful.

Please note that when you click through to MM Game Notes using the link below you will be going to Facebook and I believe that you have to have an account on FB to be able to access my notes. Also, my page there is ONLY FOR NOTES — it’s not a discussion forum so please don’t plan on doing anything there besides looking for documents to help you play the game.

So, please DO NOT:

  • post in any comment section to have people add you to their neighborhood
  • post questions about related or unrelated issues on a note’s comment section
  • ask why you can’t get a certain quest, room, boss fight or other aspect finished
  • rant about the game not performing well or possibly even at all in a comment area
  • slam the developers or the game itself, or express outrage over the fact that it’s costing a fair amount of money these days to play the game — I know these things and most players do too but it has nothing to do with the notes!

I’m trying to help people play with less frustration and it is not my intent to be or act as a forum. There are plenty of good ones out there so please use one of those for any of the above issues or other things not strictly related to my notes. My personal favorite community is Mystery Manor Exchange where I am an admin but there are various other groups, both open and closed/by permission as well — you can find those by typing “Mystery Manor” in the FB search bar and then check a few of the ones in your search results to find one that suits your style best.

When you get to MM Game Notes’ timeline, you can either scroll through it and perhaps find the note you’re interested in right there OR you can go to the NOTES INDEX where they’re organized into categories. Just click on the big blue NOTE INDEX icon under the “Like” button (below the page cover image).

Once you click into the Notes Index, you have two ways to go:

  • A full listing that you scroll through to find what you want from every note that I’ve compiled and posted
  • Individual subject areas that contain links only to notes related to that subject

Your Choice!

So please click through and help yourself to the information contained in my notes! Be aware that the entire Notes page is copyright protected as are all the individual notes themselves. I’ve worked very hard to make the notes as specific and detailed as possible and I want to make sure that it remains my work. Thank you for understanding! You, of course, can link back to the Notes from any forum you happen to frequent or you’re free to share using the link provided at the bottom of each note. Of course, you should “Like” the main page so that you’ll see a notification on the left side of your Newsfeed whenever new notes are added!

Here then, is the link you’ve been waiting for:  Mystery Manor Game Notes


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